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Eric Kohn’s “Gone Soft” Wins With Tenacity and Dedication

In response to Eric Kohn’s 768‑word review of Nebraska on indieWIRE

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Eric Kohn has crafted an intriguing piece of art with his latest work “Review: With Nebraska, Has Alexander Payne Gone Soft?” The title alone is enough to make one tilt their head in deep thought, and the outstanding content may lead some to experience mild whiplash. Caution: Eric Kohn’s review has several “Oh, snap” moments.

Gone Soft is direct with the reader from the start.  Kohn introduces his argument immediately, and comes out of the gate like a literary Seabiscuit. The critic shows a fine understanding of how to hook the reader, but also stimulate the brain with fantastic writing. One may imagine the catchiest rhymes of Jay-Z as the critic wraps up his opening argument.

After a paragraph of plot summary, Kohn transitions to the main part of the critique with ease. The critic’s attention to detail shows respect for the reader, and improves the overall quality of the piece.

Eric Kohn never strays from his argument in Gone Soft, and the exceptional writing helps drive the point home. Phrases such as “it’s a downright commercial venture,” will connect with the audience, and Kohn’s study of the director’s past add weight to the aggressive points.

Character analysis is perhaps the driving force of the review, and Kohn is always fair with his criticism. One may wish to learn more about the individual performances, however Kohn’s breakdown of the lead characters will be sufficient enough for most. Gone Soft is essential reading.

Eric Kohn’s work is highlighted by superb writing and a commitment to the argument.    

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