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Colin Covert Shakes Off the Rust in “Rust Belt Noir”

In response to Colin Covert’s 457‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Colin Covert turns in a solid, workmanlike performance in “‘Out of the Furnace’ is a Rust Belt noir.” He’s a lunchpail critic here (though his Twitter pic looks like eloquence personified), offering readers a straightforward, old-school review of the sophomore effort from writer/director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart).

This is not to say that the prose is overly simplistic. In fact, Covert flexes his literary muscles here, especially in his mastery of word choice, an aspect of film critique that cannot be overlooked. Many critics take an entire paragraph to make a point that, in the hands of someone like Covert, could be expressed in one or two words.

The spot-on vocabulary adds a needed punch to places where the review could sag under the weigh of its traditionalism.

Covert also keeps the plot recapping to a blessed minimum, devoting only two paragraphs to the story and giving his excellent analysis room to stretch out.

And they’ve stretched out into something very satisfying: the direction is “trim and brutal” and, despite “the presence of unforgivably derivative sequences” the film is “grim, solid suspense craftsmanship.”

Covert’s skillful prose and incisive critique put this one in a category with some of the best reviews written on this film.    

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