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Kyle Smith’s “Shock-Oriented ‘Kick-Ass 2” Is Mostly Heartfelt and Moving

In response to Kyle Smith’s 548‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on New York Post

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Upon reading the title of Kyle Smith’s “Shock-oriented ‘Kick-Ass 2’ doesn’t live up to delightful original” the average reader will roll his eyes and wonder whether or not they should even bother with yet another session of comparisons between original and sequel. Despite the unfortunate, and in the end misleading, title, readers will be rewarded with a great review if they plow on. In fact, there is only one mention of Kick-Ass (the movie, not the character) in the whole thing.

Instead, Smith keeps a tight focus on the aspects of the film that work and those that don’t. He establishes credibility up front in a very effective manner. Since most of the review is spent bemoaning many of the film’s shortcomings, he begins by admitting that all of the more controversial elements of the film were completely in his wheel house. It makes the review more heartbreaking when what was perfect on paper was executed in a disappointing way.

Though most of the review is powerful and focused, there are some strange moments of tangential distraction. At one point, Smith discusses casting as though actors were ingredients available at a supermarket rather than living, breathing human beings with scheduling conflicts and the agency to decide what projects they participate in. Its as if Smith momentarily forgot that he is a reviewer and began to live out his fantasy of being a film producer.

Besides these small problems, and an uninspired, though serviceable, presentation, the review is a big success. Proceed with confidence.    

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