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Jim Schembri’s “KICK-ASS 2” Is a Middle of the Road Outing With Few Thrills

In response to Jim Schembri’s 378‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on 3AW

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Jim Schembri’s “KICK-ASS 2” isn’t really much of anything. It’s a short, unassuming work, that doesn’t give audiences much reason to embark on the short experience it offers. Schembri doesn’t take a firm position toward the movie, preferring to list good and bad things in an apparent attempt to please everyone. Sadly, the result is unlikely to really please anyone.

Schembri’s KICK-ASS 2 starts off pretty tepidly. Schembri begins by listing off reasons why those who loved the first movie in the franchise will enjoy this one. He never divulges to the audience whether or not he is a member of the group he is addressing. It lends a certain unpleasant mystery to the introduction, readers never sure whether Schembri is talking with, at, or down to them.

The middle section of the review, mostly plot description, is ably handled. Schembri writes with an eye toward world building and context rather than plot points and character arcs. It’s an impressive skill that gives readers a real sense of the movie without spoiling any of its surprises. If sets the stage for an awesome third act which sadly, never arrives.

Like many of his contemporaries, Schembri opts to end his review looking to the future rather than bringing the present to a satisfying conclusion. If a Kick-Ass 3 does get made, one can only hope that its reviews aren’t all about the potential of Kick-Ass 4.    

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