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Rene Rodriguez’s “‘Gravity’” Is a Victory in Fluidity

In response to Rene Rodriguez’s 808‑word review of Gravity on Miami Herald

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Rene Rodriguez’s “‘Gravity’” is a triumph of pure craftsmanship using long narratives to perfectly paint a picture.

Rodriguez’s Gravity opens with a bit of trivia giving context to the film allowing the reader to see the great care the director (not to mention the reviewer) put into his work.

Rodriguez relies on the often risky long, descriptive paragraphs to set the scenes and argue their worth. The critic does this with practiced precision. The reader cannot help but lose himself in the blend of plot, opinion, and reaction. This is a breath of fresh air in a review world where critics’ attempts to put the reader in the theater seat come off clunky and confusing. One can call Rodriguez’s Gravity a work of art without fear of hyperbole.

The weak spot of Rodriguez’s Gravity is the disclosure of too many plot points in a “tight” film. This may leave the reader debating about whether to shell out the cash for a theater viewing, but Rodriguez clears up that debate with a strong argument for how the reader should view the film.

Rodriguez’s Gravity uses strong writing, sound arguments, and an untainted presentation to provide a beautiful reading experience. Do not leave this link unclicked!   

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