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Schembri’s “I Give It a Year ***” Barely Reviews Anything

In response to Jim Schembri’s 75‑word review of I Give It a Year on 3AW

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Jim Schembri gave the film a three (out of a presumed five) stars in his write-up “I Give It A Year” but I am hesitant to even call this a review. Three stars seems like a decent, middle-of-the-road score, yet Schembri only wrote a mere 75 words to support it?

There are no spoilers – great! But it’s not as though he really could have in this short-winded write-up. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe that it is possible to give an effective review under 100 words, yet the three sentences – yes, you read that correctly – that Schembri chose to share are utterly dull and lifeless.

The bottom line is that Schembri’s review is a tease. He says the film is “cliche-averse“—but how? What’s that? The “final act” wouldn’t survive American test screenings? WHY NOT?

I’m not saying he should have to write an encyclopedia on all of his feelings concerning the film but the least he could do is have a stronger voice.“I Give It A Year” is listed on the same page as other reviews of Schembri’s. This only highlights his lack of time and energy given in this review. This sub-par collection of words is a real letdown.    

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