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David Fear’s “Thor Movie Review” Is Candidly Hilarious

In response to David Fear’s 561‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Time Out New York

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David Fear’s “Thor: The Dark World: movie review” is candidly hilarious. This review is clever, wittily crafted, and thoroughly entertaining.

Fear begins in the first paragraph of his review by using a metaphor about films being placed on a menu, immediately setting readers up to feast on comedy. The introduction sets the stage nicely about the overall tone of the piece and where Fear would be leading the reader.

The structure of this piece is fluid and comprehensive. The four paragraph review begins with tonal foundation in superhero movies themselves, dives into plot summary, and resurfaces on top of comedic excellence of opinion.

Fear uses his writing style to mix in candid and unabashed thoughts with common slang. This is comforting as a reader and makes Fear more reliable as a critique with a level of trust being born.

With quips included in multiple parenthesis, making readers literally laugh quite out loud, Fear delivers sound criticism in-between all his funnies. It is the subtleties in which Fear uses his wit that really grab the attention of the more acute reader. For example, the way in which he describes the rainbow bridge into Thor’s home that is laced with sarcasm and lack of respect for the film as a whole that makes Fear’s writing entertaining.

Definitely worth the time to read and really soak in all the nuances for full hilarity.    

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