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Daniel M. Kimmel Digs His Own Grave in “The Counselor”

In response to Daniel M. Kimmel’s 547‑word review of The Counselor on New England Movies Weekly

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Daniel M. Kimmel gets points for giving the world what is the best bon mot of any review of The Counselor so far. In praising Cameron Diaz’s performance (if you haven’t heard, Diaz has sex with a car in this movie) he laments the fact that people [will] only remember her moment of “auto-erotica.”

Okay, it’s an obvious crack, but he got to it first and sometimes the first one to the punch gets the last laugh.

Sometimes. Not here, unfortunately.

Kimmel’s work is burdensome, piling on clunky sentence after clunky sentence until it becomes so unwieldy, it topples under its own weight.

There are good insights here and there, describing the film as “noir as if it was done by Ayn Rand”, but any brilliance gets muddled by awkward syntax and stiff prose.

The criticism Kimmel offers is too moralistic, primarily judging the film based on its nihilistic message rather than its merits as a work of art.

There’s also a spoiler or two that bear mentioning here. Though Kimmel prefaces it with “not to give away the plot”, he proceeds to do just that in a reveal that may seem obvious but will leave some readers upset.

Leave this one buried in the desert.    

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