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Ty Burr’s Video Review “Melodrama” Qualifies for the Olympics of Droning

In response to Ty Burr’s video review of Out of the Furnace on Boston Globe

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The Boston Globe takes a slightly different approach to their film reviews. Rather than solely offering a written review (to access the full version, you have to subscribe to the Boston Globe Online), they give readers a video review.

Only, “Bare-knuckle melodrama in ‘Out of the Furnace’” isn’t the video review you’re used to in which the critic reads a prepared script into the camera or, at the minimum, prepares some talking points before hitting record. Instead, Ty Burr and his fellow critic Janice Page sit down at their desks, flip on the camera and ramble for about two minutes in a seeming attempt to break the record for utterances of the phrase “sort of” (and its slightly less annoying downstairs neighbor “kind of”).

Viewers who tune in will be graced with gems like,”Out of the Furnace is, umm,  sort of a film is about a kind of depressed Pennsylvania town that’s, ahh, sort of the perfect backdrop for this kind of violence. But it sort of doesn’t work in the end.”

When they aren’t busy engaging in this irritating hemming and hawing, they’re seemingly training for the Olympics of droning. Neither of the two have one iota of on-camera charisma and there’s not a hint of chemistry to be found here.

Don’t bother with this one.    

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