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In “Laramie Movie…”, Robert Roten Wins the Race, Loses a Few Spectators

In response to Robert Roten’s 603‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Laramie Movie Scope

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Robert Roten seems to have trouble finding his pace in “Laramie Movie Scope: Thor: The Dark World | Thor saves the universe with style and wit”. But once he hits his stride, it never breaks.

Roten has a tendency to cut to the chase, and the rhythm he establishes while doing so remains consistent, despite a small trip up near the beginning. The author dutifully analyzes every key aspect of his subject without delay or ceremony. The result is a concise and steady summation based firmly in the facts.

The one misstep he does make is a result of attempting to convey two thought processes at once. It is difficult to discern, at first, which side of the argument the author supports: praise for his subject, or condemnation. As a result, a more impatient reader may abandon this work early on, thereby missing out on a genuinely enlightening and enjoyable read.

For those that stay receive quite a treat: an engaging literary analysis that is charming in every aspect, including the more critical parts. It is clear the author appreciates his subject for what it is, and is resolved to allocate some leeway in lieu of the category it falls under. As such, the subject is essentially judged from the eyes of one who would appreciate its aspirations—i. e. fans of the genre. Such empathy tends to increase the likelihood of gaining the same from the reader.

At the end of the day, this is an elegantly-crafted diatribe of sublime quality that readers will appreciate and enjoy. It is by no means a masterpiece, but it reveals the author’s capability of creating one… once he realizes the importance of a good first impression.    

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