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Spoiler: Lawrence Toppman Is Ending-Ignorant in “Film Series”

In response to Lawrence Toppman’s 556‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Charlotte Observer

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Spoiler: Lawrence Toppman continuously references the ending of the sequel in “Catching Fire: Film series treads water.”

Sure, Toppman is a critic, but that doesn’t mean he is any different from Joe or Jane Q. Viewer. LT takes off his objective hat, and takes the reader on a ride through his own personal experience. One will learn that he has read the first novel, and knows someone who has read the second. Let the Ending Games begin as Toppman relentlessly comments on the conclusion, and refrains from letting the innocent reader experience the event for themselves.

Film Series raises important questions (?) such as “Should film adaptations of famous books be made only for people who know them inside out?” Toppman’s intentions are admirable, but his ignorance is somewhat offensive. Perhaps the best course of action would be to review the film, stay clear of the ending and offer a few thoughts on what happens in the first two hours.

Lawrence Toppman fails to mention the director of the film in Film Series, which is oddly not the worst part of the review. J-Law is acknowledged with a small paragraph, and the critic concludes by once again referencing the conclusion.

Film Series is an offensive piece of work, and Toppman comes across as ignorant. Stick to the critique, and let the audience ponder the conclusion.    

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