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David Blaustein Discovers Critique Capabilities at End of “This Weekend”

In response to David Blaustein’s 547‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on ABC News Radio

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David Blaustein comes dangerously close to writing an all-out description-review in “American Hustle, The Hobbit: What You Should See This Weekend,” but miraculously offers a small amount of critique in the final paragraph and saves the day for all.

One can certainly appreciate the lone American Hustle image and all the glory of Jennifer Lawrence at the beginning of This Weekend, however the complete absence of any Hobbit visuals will offend many. Blaustein doesn’t seem to understand  the power of a perfectly placed Smaug image, which is highly troubling and will have LOTR maniacs to shake from pure stress.

The opening statement of This Weekend is mildy intriguing as Blaustein notes the sequel is “vastly different” than its predecessor, however he briefly addresses the humor before taking the reader on a brutal plot summary through Smaugville, which could potentially cause heads to crash on the keyboard. It all comes across as a bit teasy, but perhaps Blaustein is a great mind of suspense.

Not much happens once the critic decides to critique in This Weekend. Blaustein notes his approval of Legolas and Tauriel, the “coolest characters” of the film. From there he transitions to a complaint on the mighty Smaug, and closes with another flimsy statement on the superior quality of the sequel.

David Blaustein offers basic stuff in This Weekend and fails to explore the film as a whole.    

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