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Justin Craig’s Simplistic “Ender’s Game” Misses the Mark

In response to Justin Craig’s 735‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Justin Craig’s “‘Ender’s Game’ review: A must-see sci-fi film for young adults” sounds like it was written for young adults; overly simplistic points are couched in fairly elementary prose and Craig never quite gets deep enough with his analysis to satisfy.

Granted, this is Fox News, an outlet that’s not exactly known for its dedication to complex analysis. Certainly, they’re playing to their readership, which appreciates having things explained to them as painlessly as possible, so, in that respect, Craig’s review is an unqualified success.

By any other standard, there are problems here.  The writing is subpar (for an outfit this big) and the entire piece lacks the organization it needs to feel impactful. Craig’s thoughts come off a bit scattershot and a little organization could have gone a long way here.  

And, given the easy tone, Craig’s piece could have been funny or, in the least, induce a chuckle or two, but there’s nary a joke or pun to break up the monotony of Craig’s golly gee delivery.

For the right crowd, there is some value to had here, but anyone who enjoys a little more depth (or beautiful prose) in their film critique will want to look for worthier offerings.    

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