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David Jenkins’ “Kick-Ass 2 Review” Destroys Itself With Words

In response to David Jenkins’s 222‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Little White Lies

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Need hip slang? Need to read a review that is littered with them? Then try David Jenkins’ “Kick-Ass 2 Review!”

“Comic book dirty bomb” should be in everyone’s lexicon, and for that Jenkins should be thanked. “Strangely Douchey”, while more evocative, betrays the amateur hand and use of adverbs. The review also allows for imagining a “superhero violence aria” as a Jungian ideal by which to establish comparative points with the the film under Jenkins’ microscope.

The disgust for the wrap-up of the last film is almost palpable, as is the joy Jenkins has when using the phrase “jimmy-jam-sporting doofus.” It is such a surreal experience that readers may begin to wonder if they aren’t part of some kind of secret test.

While the jargonpalooza of Jenkins’ review is enough to make anyone with command of the English language have involuntary bowl spasms while reading, the hits just keep coming. To be fair, respect is always given to those who can use the term “penny dreadful” in a sentence, even though 99% of modern readers will have no wikidea what it means.

Jenkins makes a fine attempt at a jargon-gagging review, but the arguments are punching-bag strawmen that get in the way of the review’s real purpose: a review with no perceivable point beyond using adverbs at will.

Still, Comic Book Dirty Bomb was worth the ticket price for this pointless ride.    

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