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Jim Schembri Identifies Clooney and Bullock as Astronauts in “Gravity”

In response to Jim Schembri’s 339‑word review of Gravity on 3AW

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Jim Schembri opens up his latest work with a clear statement on the power of the film’s survival instincts, but says absolutely nothing about the performances in “Gravity.”

Schembri’s Gravity will please a certain crowd, and offers a good amount of information on the essence of the film, but there is a lack of character analysis in the review. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are mentioned once in passing, which many will find the treatment unacceptably light. The failure to offer a single thought on the performances immediately makes the review forgettable.

Schembri’s Gravity has a clear structure. The critic moves from the technical achievements of director Alfonso Cuaron, to sound design, and ultimately a few closing thoughts on 3D. The writing is solid for the most part, but also clunky at times, and could definitely have used another round of proofreading.

Schembri’s Gravity is one of many reviews that offers several paragraphs on the visuals of the film, and conveys the power of the story, but fails to address what makes the characters unique. George Clooney is often left out of Gravity reviews, as critics believe his character is only a small plot device. However, it is still important to note that for the reader. The failure to acknowledge Sandra Bullock is just plain wrong.

Gravity will be interesting for tekkies, but should be avoided by anyone interested in the heart of the film.    

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