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Frank Swietek’s “Out of the Furnace” Should Have Stayed in for a Bit More

In response to Frank Swietek’s 846‑word review of Out of the Furnace on One Guy's Opinion

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Frank Swietek’s “Out of the Furnace” is a confusing mixture of “compli-sults,” that never justifies such a low rating.

Frank Swietek’s review of the latest Bale starrer is something of a slow march towards indecision. For a C+ rating, there is not much here that the writer goes through to seemingly warrant such a low score. The writer seems more than capable of a good write up, and from a distance—based on his writing—he seems to have a competent idea of why the film doesn’t work on an above average level. However, upon a slightly closer inspection the holes really start to show and good writing or not there is no disguise to hide this fact.

Swietek’s case in this circumstance is based upon the film’s seemingly low quality revenge storyline and the fact that such heavy hitters as Harrelson and Bale would align themselves with such a project. The critique is wafer thin. You can’t judge a film on the quality of the story alone, and the praise that he heaps onto all of the actors seems to more than make up for the lack of story. The argument seems very underdeveloped, and oversimplified adding nothing new to the discussion of the film.

Like one of the pugilists in the film, the critic manages to evade the need to utilize spoilers in this review a feat that often goes unnoticed, but is still appreciated nonetheless.

Overall, this makes a better positive review than a negative one. If it were re-scored and spruced up a bit, this would be a decent review. However, based on the score and the wavering stance of the writer, it stands firmly cross-eyed with a gaze in the “not worth it“section.    

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