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Tim Brayton Releases the Hounds in “TRAVELS WITH MY DAD”

In response to Tim Brayton’s 1402‑word review of Nebraska on Antagony & Ecstasy

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Tim Brayton’s tagline for his cleverly named site, Antagony & Ecstasy, is “The place where you go for film reviews that are much longer than they really need to be.”

He’s absolutely right; “TRAVELS WITH MY DAD,” Brayton’s take on Alexander Payne’s newest dramedy, is longer than it needs to be. Fortunately, that’s about the worst that can be said about it.

Brayton has crafted a contrarian’s wet dream here with a thoughtful, considered piece of film criticism that flies in this face of the unremitting lathering the film has received. Nothing kills criticism faster and more thoroughly than weak opinions, something Brayton could never be accused of.

There’s an unbridled, gonzo wildness behind his analysis that could easily dissolve into meaningless ranting, but his talent as a writer keeps that from happening. All the vitriol comes with a self-aware wink and a knowing nod that will keep readers on his side.

These Blogspot and Wordpress film review sites are a dime a dozen (and most aren’t even worth that), but Brayton proves to be the exception to the rule (and a critic worth paying attention to), crafting prose that’s eminently witty and clever, but stops just short of becoming precious.    

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