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Steven Rea’s “‘Out of the Furnace’: …” Out of Nowhere Success

In response to Steven Rea’s 477‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Philadelphia Inquirer

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Steven Rea writes like a phoenix from some fairly attractive ashes in his latest work, “‘Out of the Furnace’: Brothers fight for life in a dying town ***”

It will be love at first site for most readers. One will definitely see the beauty instantly when perusing this text. The writer writes with such fervor and eloquence, it draws the audience in and never lets go until the slightly disappointing (relatively speaking) conclusion. Intricate storytelling, compelling drama and comprehensive character development make for an all-around enjoyable read from start to finish. It not only stands alone as a fine piece of textual mana, it surpasses any amount of intrigue the subject could hope to convey.

If there is an ugliness within this otherwise phenomenal tome, it doesn’t rear its head until the conclusion. The parting passage is slightly misleading in that it conveys a consensus of the author contrary to his actual one. It is only by backtracking that one realizes the determination is opposite of what one likely discerns. This could work in the author’s favor by creating a bit of a twist. But alas, considering the amount of backtracking required, there’s “no fun” to be found there.

Aside from that surprisingly misplaced, entirely unexpected flaw, this is a solid piece of American literature fans will embrace and haters will rue. Rea creates a beautiful landscape of drama The premise might be devoid of fun in his eyes, but the reader will find it nothing but.    

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