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Simon Foster’s “Film Review: The Counselor” Is a Laugh Out Loud Joy

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Simon Foster’s “Film Review: The Counselor” is just the kind of sidesplitting riot reviewgoers need to shake off the dust of heavy handed award bait reviews. It takes neither itself nor its subject too seriously and it packs in enough laughs to last a review lover a lifetime.

Foster begins by confessing to having been on the edge of his seat throughout most of the adventure. But the punchline is that he was compelled not by captivating storytelling but by bewilderment that such a collection of talent would sign up for “one of the most pretentious, infuriating and nonsensical studio works in some time.” It is this very snarky, but clever tone that makes Foster’s Review: The Counselor the wicked, laugh-out-loud comedy of the year.

Like any solid work of comedy, Review: The Counselor is rooted in characters the readers can admire and, albeit to a limited degree, relate to. True, most review attendees have little in common with A-list Hollywood types being tasked with increasingly odd behavior. But Foster sketches these figures with such a loving hand that they cannot help be likable.

If you’re looking for light-hearted laughter delivered from a pen dipped in bitterness, Simon Foster’s “The Counselor Review” is just the review for you.    

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