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Austin Kennedy’s Review of “Thor: The Dark World” Is Repetitive and Silly

In response to Austin Kennedy’s 1166‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Film Geek Central

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This just in from the department of redundancy department: Austin Kennedy was disappointed with Thor: The Dark World while Thor: The Dark World disappointed Austin Kennedy.

In “Austin Reviews Marvel’s ‘Thor: The Dark World’ (From the Director of PALOOKAVILLE)!!!” the eponymous (and wordy) Austin finds his points worthy enough to be made at least twice. Pity Kat Dennings whose comic relief role in the movie Austin Reviews brings up for derision four times; however, Kennedy assures readers that “I like her. She’s super hot, and I just want to motorboat those boobies. But, her character…does NOT belong in a Thor film.” Left unanswered: do her motorboat-worthy mammary glands belong in a Thor film?

Film reviews for the average and unsophisticated serve a purpose, namely to be a counterpoint to the dreary snobbery of serious critics. Unfortunately, if average and unsophisticated are in the lobby,  Austin Reviews lies beneath the ballet flats of a woman standing three floors down in the parking garage.

This review is for moviegoers who get annoyed watching interstitial annoyances such as intelligible dialogue, character development, and plot in between kick-ass battle scenes.

Kennedy does manage to form somewhat coherent criticisms after starting the review with a mind-numbing list of 13 recent superhero movies he did like, followed by a list of 13 he didn’t like, and finishing with a list of two he thought were okay. Readers can start their own list of reviews they didn’t like with this one.    

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