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Nick Setchfield’s “Thor: The Dark World REVIEW” Is a Flash of Fun

In response to Nick Setchfield’s 883‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on SFX Magazine

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With “Thor: the Dark World Review,” Nick Setchfield imbues a world of darkness with a little bit of light, brightening things with a sense of humor that pervades the review and keeps it from being all doom and gloom.

It would be a mistake to tackle a film such as Thor: the Dark World with too much seriousness, and Setchfield wisely avoids that mistake. There are jokes in the picture captions, light-hearted pop culture references, and occasional humorous asides peppered throughout the review.

Amongst all that humor, though, Setchfield does not forget to write an actual review. He does a more-than-adequate job of that, as well, critiquing the movie on its own terms as an attempt to be fun and entertaining rather than Serious Cinema.

With that in mind, he points out spots in which the film falls a little bit short in the entertainment department. He makes sure to point out the film’s flaws, but does so without dwelling on them.

Setchfield’s “Thor: The Dark World REVIEW” is the rare review that gets the tone just right, finding that perfect balance of humor and substance. It’s not pretentious or self-serious, but it’s also not too goofy. The result is a thoroughly entertaining read.    

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