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John Serba Vividly Dissects in “Mumble Through Dull Action Flick”

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John Serba’s pen is especially caustic in “‘Escape Plan’ review: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger mumble through dull action flick”, giving readers one of the most brilliant, well-formed reviews of this new vehicle for these “likeable old galoots”. And “likable old galoots” is about as positive as Serba gets, which is just fine because his biting wit is downright delicious and often laugh-out-loud hilarious.
Serba uses his analogies with the stroke of a master, comparing the act of deciphering the two leads to “Diane Fossey studying how gorillas communicate” and giving readers glowing gems like “the two stars chew gummy wads of dialogue at each other” and “the production didn’t need a dialogue editor or script doctor, but rather, a bricklayer.” Pure gold.
When he’s not tossing barbs, Serba is more measured, proving he can critique with the best of them without using his humor as a crutch or a cop-out. Like a balletic boxer, his observations here are elegant, but penetrating; he’s graceful, but judicious, doling out his punches only when they’ll be most effective.
Serba is a consummate pro who just gets it. His writing and insights deserve to be experienced and unequivocally put him on a plane with the best critics in the business today. Read this one now.    

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