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Rafer Guzman’s “Still Unwatchable” Is Rated PG-13 for Violent Attacks

In response to Rafer Guzman’s 316‑word review of The Counselor on Newsday

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Rafer Guzman’s “The Counselor’ review: A-list cast, still unwatchable” is a scathing attack on author Cormac McCarthy.

Still unwatchable is relentless. Guzman rips through McCarhy’s script, attacking everything from the style of writing, the poor execution of Ridley Scott as a director, the lack of plot, etc.

These attacks are bolstered by honest evidence Guzman finds within the film itself. Still unwatchable almost comes across as a personal vendetta against the author for extraneous circumstances, but the way in which the negative feedback is given makes the argument legitimate. Guzman targets the script and is discussing how, despite the talented cast, even they couldn’t make this piece come to life.

Even though Guzman is brutal in his critiques, the witty and informed way in which he writes makes the piece believable. This piece strings together words in a playful and powerful manner. Guzman does not linger on an unnecessary point and uses his strong writing technique to push the piece forward.

Still unwatchable does not lack for opinion. Throughout this piece Guzman definitely pushes those negative ideals onto his readers. This leaves the reader little to think about for themselves but it overall creates a solid film review.    

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