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Jordan Hoffman Brings Character Flavor to “Gravity Review”

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 851‑word review of Gravity on ScreenCrush

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Jordan Hoffman has been touched by the angel wings of cinema, and delivers a fond recollection in “Gravity Review.”

“Gravity Review” makes a bold statement by quoting Ingmar Bergman at the start. The general reader will be impressed,  and cinephile fans of Hoffman will comprehend immediately that inspired words will follow.

Hoffman disarms the audience by quelling preconceived notions about the plot, and brilliantly notes the personal effects the film had on him, visually and philosophically. The critic refuses to bore the reader with overstated compliments, and instead offers a real experience that one can identify with.

“Gravity Review” is accessible in that Hoffman doesn’t attempt to create a profound experience for the reader, but rather grounds them in reality with superb character background descriptions and continuous recollections from his own viewing experience.

The most technically sound aspect of “Gravity Review” is the examination of technical filmmaking. The critic brings to light the realities that directors face, and helps one understand the full scope of cinema.

There is a tremendous amount of heart and honesty in “Gravity Review,” and many readers will surely honor the critic with a second reading. Hoffman pulls his audience into his own experience, and one may feel that they are right there next to him.

“Gravity Review” is essential reading for the comprehensive understanding of filmmaking, and also for the resonating words of the critic.    

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