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Stephanie Merry’s “All Been Done Before” Is as Cutting as a Capulet Sword

In response to Stephanie Merry’s 643‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Washington Post

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This review, “‘Romeo & Juliet’ movie review: It’s all been done before,” written by Stephanie Merry is a refreshingly honest take on a classic. Merry really takes to task director Carlo Carlei and writer Julian Fellowes in a scathing review, marking how the production was nothing unique. In a story that has been told a thousand times, Merry discusses how Carlei made no new impacts to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the altering of the original writing was a mistake.

Merry’s All Been Done Before creates a sense of trust within her readers. Refusing to hold anything back from her scrutiny, Merry creates a bond between her words and her readers, making the experience feel authentic and truthful.

The writing style and quality of All Been Done Before only bolsters the appeal of Merry’s words. The writing is eloquent and elevated, giving a sense of intelligence, yet another reason to trust the article. If an educated member of society holds qualms with this film and is kind enough to tell their fellow men, audience members should be smart enough to listen.

The presentation of the review is simple, yet effective. The large and rather alluring picture to start All Been Done Before makes an impact, gives an introduction, and a specific mood to the piece. The writing wraps around several pictures of the film and other photos towards the end of the article.

Merry’s All Been Done Before is harsh, but informative, making it a read worth exploring.    

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