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Chris Sawin “Gravity Review” Is a Misshapen Mishap of a Review

In response to Chris Sawin’s 586‑word review of Gravity on

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This review entitled “‘Gravity’ review: Being alone has never felt so devastating” by Chris Sawin is a grammatical blunder. There are several instances throughout this review that would make an editor cringe. Which begs the question as to how this review made it through editing without being properly corrected.

The wordage is chunky and clunky, making readers do a double-take in order to make sure they have, in fact, read that last sentence correctly. In several instances, a word is repeated in the same sentence twice making that repetition clog up the narrative.  Sawin is so desperately trying to repeat with repetition. It is messy and stops the readers from enjoying the meat underneath the excess fat of grammatical issues.

 The factual evidence is also questionable. Sawin opens the review by stating an amount of time it has taken for the director to come back to the stage. Mathematical skills should be checked alongside the grammatical ones. All these distractions weigh down what could have otherwise been an exciting and compelling read.

The presentation of this review is heavily littered with ads that clutter the view. For those easily distracted, don’t bother beginning this review. For those who do embark on this journey, the experience is mercifully short. Though a lot of effort clearly went into making this review happen, the end result merits extremely little praise.    

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