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Brian Henry Martin’s “Bruce” Is a Dull Collection of Scenes

In response to Brian Henry Martin’s 444‑word review of Nebraska on UTV

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Brian Henry Martin’s “Why Bruce Is The Boss” reads more like a novella than a film review.

Readers will think they’ve stumbled into a book adaptation of the film as Martin describes scene after scene in excruciating detail, even going as far as to provide several lines of dialogue from the picture.

“Can this be considered critique?” the Existimatum reviewer pondered, stroking his greasy soul patch.

“No, no it can’t,” a small voice answered in reply.

This review in story form could have potentially worked if Martin had bothered to draw some conclusions from these episodes, but instead they’re just left there dangling in the middle of the review with little to no context and even less critical importance to warrant their existence.

Some of these lines from the film may even qualify as spoilers; they ruin what are probably dramatic revelations that, for an intimate film such as Nebraska would be akin to revealing the death of a major character in a superhero flick.

Martin’s writing is solid and could easily have offered some relevant critique. Instead, there’s some random lathering for Bruce Dern and one vague line of criticism at the end.

“Skip this one,” the reviewer commanded.    

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