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Todd Gilchrist’ “Kick Ass 2:A Mean Brutal Miscalculation” a Flawless Victory

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 1072‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on The Verge

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Todd Gilchrist’s “Kick Ass 2: A Mean Brutal Miscalculation” is a fantastic example of in-depth criticism coupled with elegant commentary, and a search for a deeper understanding of cinema.

A mean and Brutal Miscalculation is a lean mean reviewing machine, minus the lean part as this sucker is a bit on the portly side if you understand the lingo.

Gilchrist focuses his attention on the film’s inner space. The review cites specific examples of the film’s many idiosyncratic and schizophrenic qualities. At one point Gilchrist tears apart the film’s lack of stance stance on whether carnage is to be taken lightly or seriously.  

The critic doesn’t mince words and his feelings about the film are never murky. At no point should one assume the Gilchrist enjoyed the movie, at all.

The ponderous write-up rarely if ever misses the mark. While there are no jokes to speak of, the review still manages to entertain with its dynamic flair for words and the excellent presentation given to the analysis.  

Everything from the title to the language employed by Gilchrist reflects an expertise and gives the audience an idea of how our critic felt about the film.

Again to emphasize the point, there is never a single doubt or question to be raised over the film and it should be easy to formulate an opinion of the film based on this review. Thumbs up, four stars, 5 out of 5 golden figurines; in other words,  this one’s definitely a keeper.    

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