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JimmyO’S “Catching Fire” Fizzles From the Get-Go

In response to JimmyO’s 957‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on JoBlo's Movie Emporium

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JoBlo’s Movie Emporium devotes a separate section at the beginning of each review to the movie’s plot. Makes sense, right? This way, the reviewer can do away with needless rehashing and get right to the critique.

Not so much.

In “Review: The Hunger Games Catching Fire,” JimmyO gives in to that devil urge to recap some more, spending the first three paragraphs launching into a lengthy description of the premise, the opening scene, and then an IMDB-esque rundown of the cast.

This lead weight of an opening could be justifiable if it were the setup for some eventual emotional payoff, but, alas, said payoff never materializes and that makes this feel an awful lot like filler.

When he does get to the critique, it feels rambling and unfocused at best and weak and inconsequential at worst. Some of it is so dense, it’s difficult to suss out the criticisms. There’s an analysis of the story and the director gets a mention, but there’s little to no talk about the actors’ performances and that’s unforgivable in a review of this size.

Sloppy, unimaginative writing, lazy space filling, and muddled critique keep this one mired in mediocrity and should keep it off your read list.  

JimmyO has done good work, but not here.    

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