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Chris Knight’s “Out of the Furnace…” Burns True

In response to Chris Knight’s 598‑word review of Out of the Furnace on National Post

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Chris Knight proves inflammatory comments are not always counter-productive in “Out of the Furnace, reviewed: All-star cast of Oscar alums can’t lift lacklustre”

There is a definite appeal here in the way the author goes about his task. His plain-speaking, albeit extremely cynical, assessment contains enough wit to render the slanderous diatribe entirely forgivable. Knight clearly has the upper hand here, knowing every intricate detail of his target like it was an extension of his very being. He backs up every snide remark and sarcastic jab with real evidence. The result is a scathing rhetoric that burns up the premise from the inside out, and the approach not only works, it comes off as completely justifiable.  

In fact, the shortcomings are exposed so brilliantly, it is a wonder the subject doesn’t implode under its own weight. Knight merely has to point out a few structural weaknesses, and the whole premise falls like an old building. He demolishes the foundation with common sense, strategically placed with passive aggression and detonated like dynamite at just the right moment. With a deafening crash, the point is hammered home to the reader and the author merely has to clean up the mess.

Few authors can wreak wanton destruction as orderly as Mr. Knight. But somehow he pulls it off, and creates a brilliant literary masterpiece in the process.     

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