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Diana Saenger’s “Prisoners” Resembles a Cupcake on a Webpage

In response to Diana Saenger’s 503‑word review of Prisoners on

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Diana Saenger has written a review that is called “Prisoners,” but one will not be sure if that was the intention. The critic’s words come across as an e-mail to a friend about a film she just saw, which will completely alienate the reader.  

Visually, Saenger’s Prisoners has a unique look, but some may find the extreme amount of yellow more than aggressive. Several tiny images are sprinkled throughout the review, which makes it look somewhat like a cupcake on a webpage.

Saenger opens Prisoners with a clever paragraph that shows a tremendous amount of potential. Unfortunately, there is nothing more to stimulate the mind  other than all the yellow.

The majority of Saenger’s Prisoners is plot summary, and this is the major flaw of the review. There are moments when she offers the reader a bit to think about, but quickly abandons any original ideas and proceeds with a description of the film.

Saenger concludes her review by offering weak opinions (in length,) however one may briefly feel enlightened by the small dose of words after consuming nothing during the dreadful plot summary. It’s like one who has not eaten for days, and consumes a single French Fry with vigor and joy. Don’t be fooled, reader. You’re only getting a crouton.

Saenger’s Prisoners is a must-avoid due to a complete neglect of the lead performances. Saenger says nothing about Gyllenhaal, and barely offers more to poor Hugh Jackman.    

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