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Phil Villarreal’s “Thor the Dork” Is Clever and Clueless

In response to Phil Villarreal’s 533‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on

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Hahaha. Thor The Dork World. Get it?

The latest work from Villarreal, “Thor: The Dark World? More Like Thor The Dork World (Movie Review),” is not quite a “review” but a “comedic description”, which has become the hottest new trend when a critic doesn’t like the film and wants to mail it in.

Villarreal makes the comedy work in the opening paragraphs of Thor The Dork, but he never transitions to an all out critique. One can appreciate the comedic nature, but not if the critic is going to give up on his job completely. Villarreal briefly comes to life in the middle by offering up a tiny bit of analysis about the the earth scenes, but the rest is description with a little bit of comedy along the way. Some readers may be disturbed by complete lack of effort.

It’s not fair to criticize Villarreal for trying to entertain the audience, but what happened to everything else?  All the critic can muster up in regard to the lead character is a series of stylized puns on his appearance. Villarreal can’t even get it together to offer up a few meaningful thoughts on Loki.

Thor The Dork ends abruptly without much happening. It’s quite an astonishing feat when you really think about it, but unfortunately Villarreal work’s is from a “review.” It’s a disaster.    

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