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Soren Anderson May Receive Key to Seattle Due to “Thrills, Chills”

In response to Soren Anderson’s 421‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Seattle Times

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The sweet prose of Soren Anderson and a sturdy foundation make “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Hot sequels of thrills, chill,” a whole lotta formulaic fun. The critic could possibly earn a key to the city of Seattle for his dynamic storytelling, but not for analysis.

Thrills, Chills opens with an outstanding tale of winter chills. Anderson captivates with campfire-like storytelling, and the icy metaphors will likely give the audience a gentle brainfreeze. It’s clear that SA is in the zone, and the crafting of words is a joy to read.

The critic proves to be in touch with the needs of the audience in Thrills, Chills by addressing the performances early on and transitioning to the work of director Francis Lawrence. Anderson doesn’t get all crazy and wild with analysis, but he produces a few noteworthy thoughts and ultimately offers more reflections in the conclusion. One will feel cozy inside due to the tremendous care shown by the critic.

Unfortunately, there is not much for one to contemplate beyond the summary in Thrills, Chills and a few thoughts on the cast. Anderson briefly comments on J-Law at the end but only serves up two mild sentences. The common reader typically desires Katniss and the critic fails to deliver.

Soren Anderson’s Thrills, Chills is thrilling early on, but gets chilly due to lack of a deep critique.    

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