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Simon Reynold’s “Has a Problem” Is the Same Old Thing

In response to Simon Reynolds’s 502‑word review of Gravity on Digital Spy

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The writing of Simon Reynolds is outstanding in his latest offering, “Gravity review: Houston, Sandra Bullock has a problem—LFF 2013,” however the critic covers only the basics, and uses a structure that has been seen many times already in the Gravity review game.

Has A Problem opens up with the classic “The setup is simple” line, which can set the stage for an epic review or allow one to play it safe. Reynolds chooses the latter.

The second paragraph of Has A Problem is equally unoriginal with the usual noting of the long introductory take, and even attempts humor with, “Sandra Bullock has a problem!”

Has A Problem has potential with the solid writing skills of the critic, however Reynolds seems obliged to work within the system, and not look out into the great beyond and try to seek for original and true thoughts for the audience to marvel at. The failure is gut-wrenching, and one may think, “Simon, we have a problem--sigh--we have a problem.”

Note: The visuals of Has A Problem are glorious.

Reynolds touches on important themes such as the score, directing and the basic feeling one may experience, but there is not enough analysis to make Has A Problem memorable.

The critic references six other films which shows that he is a great cinema mind, but given the overall quality of content, the nods to movie past will quickly be forgotten.    

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