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Fans of Andrea Chase Will Demand BTS Video After Reading “Hunger Games”

In response to Andrea Chase’s 964‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Killer Movie Reviews

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Kudos to Andrea Chase for a deep, deep critique in the wonderful “The Hunger Games—Catching Fire.” The critic keeps the reader entertained with fireballs of knowledge, and offers a full experience that can make one a great Hunger Games mind with only one reading.

Andrea Chase produces a lengthy work with Hunger Games, but the real treasure is the movement of her words and the ability to reach the reader. A behind-the-scenes video of the critic at work has been teased at online, but sources have not confirmed a release date. Chase-heads are most certainly trembling with anticipation.

Hunger Games sets itself apart from weakling reviews with a strong dedication to the supporting cast. Chase actually provides a bit of thought for her audience, as opposed to listing off the names as if working from a checklist. The vast world of Panem is explored, and the critic allows one to visualize the world beyond Katniss. It’s a real treat.

Chase closes out Hunger Games with a couple deeply moving paragraphs that cover the performance of Jennifer Lawrence and the thought-provoking quality of the film. One will surely be stunned by Chase’s ability to reach the masses and inspire the silent cry.

Hunger Games is a fine composition. Andrea Chase may be rewarded with a few movie passes somewhere, and if she is not, her loyal readers may revolt.    

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