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Kate Erbland’s “Review: ‘Romeo + Juliet’” Delivers Entertaining Diatribe

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Kate Erbland’s “Review: ‘Romeo + Juliet’” provides a strong critical analysis. Erbland expresses a negative opinion about the film from the first paragraph to the last one, and she backs it all up with seething adjectives and examples that will make reading audiences cringe with dismay right along with her.

Erbland’s writing style is inventive and edgy, and she communicates an accessibly smart take on the film’s adaptation of Romeo + Juliet. She serves double duty as plot summarizer and character describer, while never losing the verbal drive to entertain her audience.

Reader’s will enjoy Erbland’s shindig of nuanced words. At every turn in the review, she serves up heaping plates of denigrations about the cast and creators, where each item on the plate is analyzed with a compelling example. She manages to squeeze in a few positive assessments in the middle of her critical cookery, which provides assurance that the review offers balanced perspective.

Critical readers may find that Erbland contradicts herself when she notes that everyone knows the Romeo + Juliet story, yet later claims that the creators of the film shouldn’t have assumed that everyone knows the story. This movie review faux pas is granted furlough only because Erbland expresses herself with such dia-tribal passion.    

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