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Jeffrey Lyles’s “Thor” Works Despite a Few Nagging Problems

In response to Jeffrey Lyles’s 874‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Lyles' Movie Files

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Jeffrey Lyles’s “Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World’” struggles mightily against some self imposed problems, but Lyles gives fans enough to keep them satisfied.  

The lion’s share of the problems lie in Lyles’s command of the nitty gritty of writing. From the get-go, there are issues with subject-verb agreement and punctuational gaffes crop up here and there which indicate a little carelessness of the critic’s part.

The piece also suffers from some formatting problems that make it difficult to navigate at times.

These are all fairly minor things (and things which Lyles audience won’t necessarily care about), but if God is in the details, then these fine points are what separate the greats from the goods.

And Lyles has the potential to be great. His prose, aside from the technical blunders, shows incredible potential. It’s warm and witty and it’s got that intangible hustle and flow that so many try for but never reach.

The critiques aren’t steeped in profundity, but Lyles makes some relevant insights and he covers all his bases, from Director Alan Taylor’s “ impressive command of what makes Thor such a unique figure in the Marvel Studios’ universe” to “the screenwriters’ restraint in handling Loki.”

If Lyles can fix the visuals and clean up some of these little issues, he’s going to be a force to reckon with.    

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