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“Review Gravity” by Three Movie Buffs Is Good Times

In response to Scott Nash’s 1102‑word review of Gravity on Three Movie Buffs

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The “Three Movie Buffs” are it again, folks, and have delivered an inquisitive piece of work with “Movie Review: Gravity.”

Review: Gravity is not the best of times, but it is certainly not the worst of times. Patrick, Scott and Eric have managed to produce three dynamic opinions without coming across as overbearing, campy or offensive.

The first section of Review:  Gravity, by Patrick, is well-written, and one may immediately believe that the critic is the President of Alfonso Cuaron PraiseFest 2013. However, Patrick’s take is a more balanced approach than first impressions would suggest, and he offers the essentials to the reader. The critic is clearly inspired, however maintains a balance that doesn’t move too far off the grid. The majority of the take centers around the lead character, and it is indeed sublime.

Review: Gravity may be remembered for the impressive middle section by Scott. The critic pays special attention to director Alfonso Cuaron, and is a nice compliment to the opening paragraph which focuses on the cast. Scott provides a nice backstory on the film, and is able to separate himself from the first section with a fresh take. Unfortunately, the critic breaks out the phrase “butt-numbingly” which is distracting, and takes away from the high quality of the writing established by Patrick.

Eric is blunt with the reader in the final section. The critic strips the film down to the basics, and delivers a soliloquy that one can mediate to. The take is not necessarily lengthy, or original, but it closes out the review with class.    

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