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Peter Debruge’s “The Counselor” Is Deliciously Caustic

In response to Peter Debruge’s 1183‑word review of The Counselor on Variety

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Reviews that roast a film can be so much more fun than the ones filled with unremitting praise and Peter Debruge’s “Film Review: ‘The Counselor’” is a perfect example.

Debruge goes to town on the new Ridley Scott helmed (Cormac McCarthy penned) picture and Debruge is so perfectly mordant, you’ll want to follow him all the way there. Most critics start preparing the lather when they hear a new Cormac McCarthy film is on the horizon.

Debruge is having none of it and thank God for it because it means readers get to bask in his gloriously sardonic barbs, witty take downs, and vivid vivisections.

“Film Review: ‘The Counselor’” is a diatribe in the best sense of the word and, by the time he’s done, Scott’s new film is down for the count, beaten to a bloody pulp.  

Debruge skewers with the best of them, calling the film “too unpleasant to recommend, even in a so bad it’s good context” and deriding its “lousy story, ineptly constructed and rendered far too difficult to follow.”

Nothing and no one comes out of this one unscathed, including the actors, who were “appallingly miscast” and who “fumble their way through thickets of dense philosophical dialogue.”

Even if you have no interest in this movie, you owe it to yourself to check out Debruge’s excellent invective.    

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