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Leonard Maltin’s “The Hunger Games…” Exceeds Lofty Expectations

In response to Leonard Maltin’s 324‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Leonard Maltin's Picks

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Leonard Maltin’s newest work, “Catching Fire…”, is a triumphant achievement for this renowned author, and reaffirms his place as one of the great writers of all time.

The more a reputation precedes someone, the higher the bar is set. In this respect, the bar could not be higher for Maltin. Thankfully, he vaults clear with the agility and grace of a decorated Olympic athlete, and sets a new record in the process. No subtext is too convoluted; no plot point too fine for his keen eye and sharp wit. He handily accomplishes the near-impossible with the same proficiency and professionalism he’s known for. Yet again, the reader will surely recognize his undeniable talent that has not withered a bit with time.

The proficiency on display here is nothing short of amazing. The author encompasses the essence of his topic so comprehensively, the reader will believe he has lived and breathed it. Dutifully surmising every nuance, every emotion, every idiosyncratic interaction, the author paints a beautiful symphony of interacting parts that is truly a marvel to behold.

Another classic from Maltin, who has once again demonstrated his prominence as an artist. He is a true virtuoso of scholarly exposition, a designation that will surely morph into legendary status post-mortum. One should therefore bear witness and peruse this piece at once. To not do so is to rebuke what good literature is all about.    

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