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Justin Craig Leaves Readers Katnissized in “Been Waiting”

In response to Justin Craig’s 864‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Anyone who reads Justin Craig’s latest gem, “Catching Fire review: The Hunger Games movie we’ve been waiting for,” will likely be in line tonight at their local talkie house in full Hunger Games regalia. The hype factor of the review is somewhat stressful, and readers nationwide will stare at their iPhone and count down the minutes until they are Katnissized. It’s all because of you, Justin Craig.

The drama of Been Waiting is brilliant. Craig’s writing is silky smooth but accessible for all levels of readers. Each paragraph teases at the magnitude of the sequel, and sexy phrasing will leave J-Law on the mind.

Speaking of J-Law, Craig reminds the audience of simple fact: “Jennifer Lawrence has an Oscar for a reason.” The statement is beautiful and the critic transitions to reflect on the deep range of Katniss emotion that one will find in the sequel. The Hunger Games is not real, but it is real, friend. Craig’s words are profound. Here’s an insider note: the work is much better when read with dim lighting.

Been Waiting offers fantastic knowledge droppings on new director Francis Lawrence, along with the social relevance of the film. It’s a tale of  two stories, is what it is, and Craig is pure Hitchcockian with his suspense. Cherish the review, reader.

Been Waiting will result in a natural high for many, and should be read with care.    

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