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Banal and Ineffective, John Hazelton’s “Escape Plan” Review Frustrates

In response to John Hazelton’s 264‑word review of Escape Plan on Screen International

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John Hazelton’s “Escape Plan” is a weak piece that simply offers too little of value for serious consideration against works that will attract more attention.

At 264 words, the review is on the lean side of average—but a solid third of that is a bore that has little to do with the rest of the work. After a bold assertion in the first act that deserves immediate treatment, Hazelton’s Escape Plan perplexingly abandons the review form for a sabermetric approach to box office performances.

It’s a weird misstep to say the least, particularly in such a brief review; the act alone will likely cause audiences to abandon the work early.

Those who stick around are in for two sentences of recap, three of analysis, and no conclusion whatsoever.

Dutiful, rote reviewmaking is what it is, and it’ll always play a cut below works that are invested in their audience. Even B-level and indie ratings offer more to readers in terms of utility. Ones that don’t care to even attempt to rise to the level of entertainment and usefulness one expects from a review are particularly maddening.

There are disposable efforts, and then there are ones that lack credibility. A combination of the two is just egregious.  Escape Plan isn’t worth even the minimal time it requires of its audience.    

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