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Ethan Alter’s “Time, Again” Inspires With Deep Analysis

In response to Ethan Alter’s 1378‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Television Without Pity

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Ethan Alter flexes his cinematic muscles with the delightful “Thor: The Dark World: It’s Hammer Time, Again.” The work is a fine example of a critic dedicated to his craft, and one who is willing to push the limits.  

Time, Again is one of those rare review that has an immediate “wow” factor. It’s not the visuals, but the hefty paragraphs that show Alter means business. One may be momentarily stunned—and this is the point when one has to decide whether to stick with the review or leave for an average, cookie-cutter work. Choose Alter. Choose greatness.

After the robust introductory thoughts on the background of the film, Alter delivers an amazing 1-2 combination of director and character analysis. The critic’s look at Alan Taylor’s television background is phenomenal, and helps one understand what to expect in the film.

Alter’s examination of Thor and Jane is crucial because it transitions the reader from the setting to the heart of the film. The critic chooses to break down the relationship dynamic, as opposed to tossing it aside like the majority of reviews.

Alter’s Time, Again is essential reading because it shows a true commitment to criticism. The critic provides a full paragraph to investigating the importance of Loki, and one should understand that these are big-boy paragraphs of criticism—not two or three sentences of fluff. Alter also makes a fine argument about the villains in Marvel flicks, and why Malekith fails. The totality of the work is inspiring, and hopefully will touch critics and fans around the world.

Time, Again is a classic critique that should serve as a model for all those critics who not only appear to be uninspired, but barely cover the essentials.    

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