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Stefan Pape’s “Kick Ass 2 Review” Is So Unremarkable That It Doesn’t Deserve a Title

In response to Stefan Pape’s 661‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on HeyUGuys

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In his review of Kick Ass 2 Stefan Pape came off as lukewarm about his subject matter. While there is a sense that he wants to engage the audience, there is always a sense that our writer has something better to do.

It was quite a shock that Pape didn’t write “yawn” halfway through his review. Since he doesn’t care, it isn’t surprising that readers will care very little as a result. The review is unengaging to say the least.

The review starts off on promising as our writer discusses the films desultory tone. But he drops the ball as he unnecessarily goes over the media circus that surrounded Jim Carrey renouncing the film, artificially extending the word count.

From there it pretty much goes downhill. Nothing is really brought to the fore that hasn’t already been said about the film before. Making the experience of reading the review feel stale. After everything is all said and done the whole affair comes off as a by the numbers, portfolio padder.

There are worse reviews you can read and there are obviously better ones, and the things that these two polarities share is, they are all more than likely all more interesting than this loading screen, paint drying, snoozefest. Yawn.    

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