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Todd Gilchrist’s Stunning “B-Movie Hell” Laments Lost Opportunities

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 609‑word review of Escape Plan on The Wrap

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Todd Gilchrist’s wistful “‘Escape Plan’ Review: Stallone and Schwarzenegger Can’t Evade B-Movie Hell in Epic Pairing” is a moving piece that acknowledges you can’t go back—not really—to the glory of the past. It’s sharp and effective storytelling that touches all the right notes.

The opening act of B-Movie Hell hints both at bright potential and missed opportunities, portending the emotional roller coaster that follows. Gilchrist sketches the “larger than life” hero and decides that he’s had his day, a bitter pill audiences will be forced to swallow by the time the work is through.

Indeed, the piece is as much retrospective as it is a step into uncomfortable territory. Ghosts of film past and present are in constant contention as B-Movie Hell unfolds. Yet it’s less terse drama than it is reflective at its core. Audiences won’t be able to help reading it as a sort of elegy.

As the potential of the piece’s opening scene unravels and missed opportunities become more pronounced, Gilchrist abruptly switches gears and draws the attention of his readership to some positive notes. There is a hint of redemption in the last paragraph. But just a hint.

Gilchrist, a self-described “milkshake expert,” doesn’t deliver it sweet in B-Movie Hell. But he delivers it smart. Woe to readers who skip it this year.    

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