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Nell Minow Provides More Summary and Snark Than Analysis in “Escape Plan”

In response to Nell Minow’s 651‑word review of Escape Plan on Beliefnet

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Nell Minow takes a calm and collected approach in “Escape Plan,” but offers the reader more snark and judgement than actual film analysis.

The writing style is graceful, however a bit of clunky writing detracts from the power of the opening statement. Minow is clear with the audience, but never addresses the perspective that perhaps the silly antics of the film are intentional.

Minow puts together three complete paragraphs of plot summary in her Escape Plan, however there is little energy or commentary. The critic addresses the appearance of Sly Stallone at the beginning, but refuses to expand on the supporting cast, including Arnold Schwarzenegger. Minow also misspells the name of Jim Caviezel, which certainly doesn’t destroy the piece of work, but is a bit distracting.

The final paragraph of Minow’s Escape Plan examines questionable plot devices of the film, which is perhaps the high point of the review.  The entire section is actually the only analysis to be found in the work.  Schwarzenegger is ignored almost completely, and Minow closes out with the statement “These guys have done better and they should know better.” One will likely agree whether they have seen the film or not.

Minow is capable of much better work and but this time around, she has come up short. Minow’s Escape Plan sounds very much like a missed opportunity.    

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