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Bob Mondello Is a Scholar of the Opening Scene in “Inexorable Pull”

In response to Bob Mondello’s 903‑word review of Gravity on NPR

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In Bob Mondello’s “The Inexorable Pull of Cuaron’s Gravity,” the critic succeeds in communicating the effect of a single, 13-minute shot set in space, however one will be shocked by the failure to provide a comprehensive analysis on the film as a whole.

Inexorable Pull begins with a mesmerizing paragraph on the technical achievement’s of director Alfonso Cuaron’s introduction, and sets the stage for what should be an exhilarating journey. However, Mondello’s inability to spot nearby vessels of information will stun the reader, and discombobulate the senses.

To Mondello’s credit, Inexorable Pull will entertain many by the focus on the first thirteen minutes and the look at the characters. One will surely understand the gravity and importance of the scene, and the body may tighten up via the evocative words of Mondello.

Inexorable Pull briefly mentions the quality of the script at the end, and the critic is clear with his audience in regard to the Cuaron’s execution. The problem that most will find is the lack of heart or humor. Mondello makes his case for the importance of the opening scene, but one wish for an opinion on the film as a whole.

In fact, Mondello does such a good job dealing with his limited subject, that many will feel absolutely heartbroken that he doesn’t continue on and deal with the entire film in such a mesmerizing and powerful way. Instead, Mondello only gives his audience a glimpse of what he can do, leaving the imagined “full” experience something of myth and legend.

Core audiences will be satisfied with Inexorable Pull‘s writing, however one should look elsewhere for a comprehensive look at the film, rather than only the technicalities.    

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