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Allen Hunter’s “Kick Ass 2 : Review and Trailer” Is Simply Okay

In response to Allan Hunter’s 608‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Daily Express

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Allan Hunter’s “Kick-Ass 2 : Review and Trailer” has plenty of mediocre that nearly destroys the review but thanks to some outstanding components the write up is spared a grisly fate.

*meta-spoiler alert* “All that felt outrageously funny and edgy in Kick-Ass feels cruder and coarser in this self-satisfied, cheap sequel that seems only too happy to recycle moments from the first film rather than create highlights of its own.” In a review that is sprinkled with good and nearly inundated with “meh”. That quote is easily the best line in the entire thing, it sums up the reviewer’s feelings about the whole film in one fell swoop.

There were other parts that were pretty good too such as the first half which see our critic lambasting the director for his work.  If only the rest of the review was as good as the above line and the first paragraph, then this would easily be a must read review.  

Sadly the rest of the review has a severe case of synoptic fever and it is incurable. The arcs in the first and second half of the film are unflinchingly revealed, another symptom of the incurable ailment.

All the hallmarks of a hastily put together review are here in spades. Luckily the case was non-fatal but its has left the review in a very weakened state and thus we must tread with caution while taking into account its many ailments.

Proceed with caution  and watch out for spoilers, but there are some gems hidden within this review that are definitely worth reading.     

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