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David Kaplan Is Your Mom’s Cousin’s Hairdresser in “Thor”

In response to David Kaplan’s 462‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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David Kaplan, one half of the famed husband and wife team, Kaplan vs. Kaplan, gives his review of the Norse God’s new flick in, “His View: Thor: The Dark World.”

If only anyone cared.

The Kaplans begin the review by admitting that neither had seen Thor, but had “heard [it] was pretty decent.” This is par for the course, as the Kaplan seems intent on pointing out their ignorance, either intentionally or unintentionally, at every opportunity.  

The Kaplans give readers no reason to care what they thinks. There are no fresh angles, no new analysis, and nothing is said particularly well. This is one step away from a review by your mom’s cousin’s hairdresser who “loves that one movie with the tall guy and the girl from that thing. You know who I’m talking about!”

The critique is laughable. They praise Tom Hiddleston’s Loki (who hasn’t?), but then remarks that the best part of the film for David “was watching [his wife] almost falling off her seat when the handsome Hemsworth doffs his top to reveal an amazingly chiseled physique -—and the guy is even a good actor!”

What? Is anyone at the wheel here?

With so many reviews to choose from, there’s absolutely no reason to give this one even a cursory look.    

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