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Duane Dudek’s “The World’s End” Is Dull, Uneven and Lacks Content

In response to Duane Dudek’s 393‑word review of The World's End on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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The latest piece from Duane Dudek, “‘World’s End’ is hearty comedy about friendship, adulthood—and robots”, is reminiscent of the experience of sitting through a boring class with an unimaginative teacher.

Where is the spirit and substance? The choppy opening begins with a questionable one-liner, and fails to engage the reader and let them know why they should continue on. The majority of the paragraphs are a brief two sentences.  It makes for a frantic and frenetic reading experience.

Dudek makes several references to other films, not even those of the trilogy, which make this poor composition disappointing and devastatingly thin.  It often feels like he is grasping for solid content and coming up empty.

The uninspired observations of Duane Dudek can be pointed out by any person who has seen the trailer. There is a lack of any kind of thought-provoking discussion of the plot, main characters or even the style of the film itself.

The main twist is noted, which is acceptable considering it is widely known to the general public, but Dudek insists that the audience should somehow know all the characters by the mid-point of the film and what they have gone through.

The words of Dudek are confused, unimaginative and certainly unwilling to look deeper into the content of the film.  Hearty comedy about is a big disappointment.

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